Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tough Week - Be Happy

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! We've had a pretty tough week at our house. Everyone with the exception of me has been sick. My husband, who I depend on probably way to much started the lot of them off be getting sick on Tuesday and the rest followed suit by Wednesday night. My daughter has been stuck in the house with a fever of over 100 and unable to see her friends, while her brother who is only 4 months old got so sick he started wheezing and had to spend the night in the hospital. Hopefully everyone is on the mends but at this point fevers are still haunting everyone. I feel so bad for them, and I'm feeling pretty darn down myself. It's really hard being the caregiver to a bunch of sickies. It makes me really value my husband who helped out tremendously at the end of each of my pregnancies and is amazing with me when I'm sick. I wish I wasn't pissed that he's sick. He's trying really hard. But in order to help everyone out I decided or was that my husband decided that I needed a couple of minutes alone to eat dinner. (It was probably him, he says I have a martyr complex.) Anyway, dinner took all of 30 seconds to eat, cold pizza from when we sat down and hour and a half ago but I wasn't allowed to eat back then. So I decided to do a posting of things I've seen on the interwebs that I've liked or am inspired by. I'm hoping this will help me.... Be happy.

First My Go-Go Life is having a giveaway of some super cute fabric.
Pretty fabric! Enter here!
She's got a great blog. I love the baby bibs she made. Check out this quilt she made for her grandma. So super cute.

Have you been to the Sew Mama Sew website yet? I bought some fabric for a quilt that I'm going to make that I saw on the Oh! Fransson blog. Well Sew Mama Sew has an amazing collection of Holiday (Christmas and such) crafts under their Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List. I have not had a ton of time to peruse but it's all categorized and there is years worth of lists! How awesome is that? Some of the categories are:
Elementary Kids
Sports Fans

Well it looks like that's all the time I have at the moment. It does make me happy to look at the pretty things on each of these sites and share them with you. (FYI: My husband just walked through the room with my son, who just pee'd on him. For the record, he's now pee'd on papa, poo'd on papa, poo'd on mama and thrown up on mama today... sigh.)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at My Go-Go Life.

Thanks for reading! Leave a Comment. You know it would make my day.

Be Happy!

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