Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Top Sewalong Entered!

The top has been accepted and entered. I also found out the name of the floral print. I emailed the folks over at Pacific Fabrics. Annette and Michelle got back to me. Michelle said that the print is called Floral Lawn Print Plum. It's not part of a specific line but it's lovely just the same! Pacific Fabrics got back to me really quickly! I really appreciate it their help! Thanks Michelle!
Rae over at Made by Rae (the host of the Spring Top Sewalong) has posted some of the prizes for the Sewalong. There's a lot of really cool packages. I love all the bows, patterns and fabrics. It's really nice that I had never heard of any of the companies either so even if I don't win I get to learn about new businesses that I clearly need to know about! Check out these bows by Bird Song Bows!

How pretty are they? I have a few friends with little girls who these bows would look amazing in. Well and Tesla of course.

Also apparently there is going to be a Reader's Choice Winner.... My goodness, now I'm nervous. I wasn't so nervous until I realized people are actually going to be looking and judging the top. Yikes! You should go over to the Flicker Pool and check out the other entries. There's some really amazing tops. A lot that people made up on their own. My goodness I wish I could do that. Check them out here. I'll find out how you go about voting and update next week once it starts.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that Fabric Flair is having a huge sale right now. Most everything is under $7.00 a yard. I bought some really great auto inspired fabric by Riley Blake. Check it out!

I know that I'm going to make some fun stuff for Ben with this!

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