Saturday, April 30, 2011

About 5 seconds of spring!

Tonight just before dinner Tesla dressed up in her fairy dress and had some fun outside! Makes me smile!

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Fabric

So I got some new fabric yesterday! A friend asked me to make a gift for her to give. She ordered the fabric plus a couple of yards of Ann Kelle fabric for me. Below is just a picture of the stuff that is for her project. It's really cool that she asked me to do this. It's a pretty special project but that's all you're going to get from me! I'll update with details in the future!

I also just have to say, that my friend who picked out the fabric claimed to not know what to get, and so I sent her a bunch of links to different fabrics that I liked. I didn't even notice this and it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. So please, like you don't know what to get! Really I think she should have gotten dinosaurs, but zoo animals are awfully cute! (Okay that last bit was a private joke. I can explain again later, when all is revealed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Top Sew Along Progress

Well as you know I have been working on the Spring Top Sew Along hosted by Made by Rae. It's a bit slow going since I have to do during nap the kids nap times but progress is being had just the same. Yesterday I cut all the fabric out. Ben started waking/crying just as I was finishing up. I was cutting so quickly at the point, I wouldn't be surprised if I made a mistake!
Today I managed to sew the bottom part of the dress up. Basically everything but the yoke/collar. Here's a picture of the progress so far.

Okay, first let's just get it out of the way, that is my bra showing through and if anyone thinks my flopsy nursing bra is risque more power to them. Other than the bra though, it's looking pretty good. At least it's not to small, and the color is good. Now on to the yoke!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pillow Case

We are trying to get my daughter into her big girl bed. Right now she's sleeping in her crib that has been converted into a toddler bed, but she has a big girl bed, and she needs to start sleeping in it. She needs to do this because her little brother is eventually going to be sharing a room with her and he needs to sleep in the crib. Well in order to help her transition to the big girl bed I moved a pillow into the crib with her. She has a nice set of sheets in flannel with pretty flannel stars and it's nice and super soft. However she doesn't want the pillow with the pillow case on it. She wants the pillow with the pillow case cover. You know the one that is just for decoration but not really for use? Well this pillow has a kitty on it. Oh and I forgot to mention that the quilt and pillow case cover that is on her bed used to be mine when I was a kid. It's all in great shape still, wouldn't know it's that old but part of that reason is because I did not use the pillow case cover! So now I'm thinking I need to make her some pillow cases that she'll like just as much, and tonight, I finally found the fabric! Now just to convince my husband that I NEED to buy it...

See look kitties! I think she'll like it. I'm thinking I'll do one side in the print and the other in a solid, that way I can have more than one pillow case or extra fabric. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I won a Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago or month, not really sure, I won a giveaway because of one of the blogs I read! How cool is that?! The blog is Frogs and Snail. Cute name right? They were doing this whole month of the boy thing at the time. Anyway she did this post about a giveaway happening at Boysbecool. So I hopped on over there and entered myself. I had a choice of three different shirts from a company by the name of Fore! Axel and Rose. Obviously really beautiful high quality clothing. Then a week later I found I won! How cool is that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE winning stuff, I know everyone does, but some people have the gift to win stuff, others like me, really think they are going to win but rarely ever actually do.

The size is a 12-18 month. I had the choice to get something smaller but I thought if Ben is anything like Tesla he'll be wearing this early and hopefully for awhile. It's really pretty, er handsome.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric for Spring Top Sew Along

I bought the fabric for the Spring Top Sew Along that is being hosted by Made By Rae. I got the fabric at Pacific Fabrics in Bellevue. They are so helpful there. I brought 5 bolts, one at a time, to the counter, to ask their opinion and because I found something better at the last minute. I could only carry so much with me since Ben was in the car seat and boy has that gotten heavy. Anyway, one fabric is a solid and the other is a print. The print will be the dominant fabric and the solid will be just around the color.

I am really into purples lately. I just love the color saturation of it all, and I think that with the pattern it will look really great. Let's hope! I unfortunately only know that the solid is by Robert Kaufman and is called Ultra Sateen Plum. The pattern I am hoping to figure out but the receipt states that it is a a Moda Marbles Red Hot and it's not that. They also under charged me. It's funny because I was thinking wow that was cheap, and then later in the car I was thinking wow, 2 1/8 of fabric at 8.99 a yard plus the other 5/8 yard really was inexpensive. But now that I look at it I realized they totally undercharged me. In fact I'm not sure what they were looking at when they totaled it up. Weird. I feel bad that they undercharged me, I hope I got the right amount of fabric, I better go measure that solid.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Top Sew Along

Hey did I tell you, that I'm going to do my first Sew Along? Made by Rae, one of my favorite blogs is hosting a Sew Along. It's a top just for you, eh well for me really. But it can't be for the kids or for my mom or for Jason it has to be for me! I went to the fabric store today to get the fabric. It's in the wash right now, but I'll show pics tomorrow. Can't wait to get started. Go check out the blog Made by Rae,  I just love it.You can find all the Sew Along Rules and submission requirements there. I have until May 9th to get it done. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So last week I made a little snuggle blanket for Ben and a few of my friends who have had babies recently. Seems like everyone is having babies. I had this Minky Dot fleece that is so beautiful and I didn't know what I was going to do with it. I had overbought previously for a project for Tesla that failed miserably. (Turns out Minky Dot fleece and regular fleece combined makes a very heavy cape.) Must remember to tear that out and reuse the fabric.

Here is the blanket I made for Mr. Ben. It's only 10x10 but it's super cute, and I love it. Which is the most important thing. He would like it if I drew a big smily face on it.

The flannel is from a fabric store in Portsmouth, NH. But I don't know who it's by. I just love it though. Does anyone know?

I embroidered his name on the Minky Dot side. 

This is my best fashion shot. What do you think?

Anyway, I made one for Ben and then one for his cousin... Then it just got crazy. I was looking around and realized I had pink fleece on hand and this super pretty paisley fleece I bought over 9 years ago to use as a table cover for my sisters baby shower. So I combined those and made:

This one is for Tesla, but then I made 5 more for other friends who had girls. I still have to finish one, but what fun! The best part is after I made these friends started asking me, could I make such and such for their kid, or friend. So I said sure! Now I have 4 orders placed since last week of different items that I get to make. I'm super psyched. Since I can't really afford to buy fabric that I want, I've been having them add fabric on to their order in the patterns that I've been coveting. Ann Kelle was definitely up there on the list. Pretty soon I'm just going to have to price things out though, because I just can't be buying fabric without repurchasing the other materials I need too. I was telling Jason if I could somehow figure out how to make $10000 in one year, I could maybe get that sewing machine I really want, and that would be so cool. One to pay for it myself and two to be doing so much business. Hmmm dreams. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Gifts

Recently, I have actually been able to sew again! I've made some super cute little snuggle blankies for my kids and some friends who recently also had children. (Seems like when you are at the age that I am now, there's always a new baby being born.) I also made a bunch of burp cloths and bibs. The bibs took about 3 months to cut and sew and that's for only 40 bibs so I kind of took my time on those. Below is a package I sent to a friend, it's pretty much identical to one I sent to my cousin too.

You can't tell but the box is from Omaha Steaks. It was the perfect size box and I thought it would be funny. Hopefully she and my cousin do too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ann Kelle Fabric Line

I think I am in love with a fabric line. Okay I'll admit it I am in love with multiple fabric line's, but today's post will be about Ann Kelle's line. Even line is not really fair. She has several lines out that I absolutely adore. The thing I like about her design's are the bold graphics and colors. The shape of the graphic are fun. I love the rounded cars, the round eyes of the owl, the swoosh of the tail on the whale, the squares and the hearts and so much more.

Ready Set Go!

I love the green background on the cars and the roundness of the edges. The blue on the trains is so eye catching. I think I would make pants for Ben with these prints.

Cuddle fabrics... I don't know what cuddle fabric is but I think I am going to have to find out!

Urbam Zoologie pretty much drives me insane! What do you think? I'm thinking lots of fun play pants for Ben and a matching dress for Tesla! Perhaps my new pattern from Oliver + S would do.... hmmm...

Anyway the one I am getting shortly is the Ready, Set, Go! Trains and cars. They are what made me fall in love with this line and I m super excited to play with it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Posts

Everytime I go to write a post for the blog something happens to either the 2 year old or the 3 month old. So here I am promising that I will get back to posting again soon. I so enjoy reading all the blogs that I read that they inspire me! In the meantime this is who I have been busy with.