Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Pillow Case for Cooper

On Friday, I told you about the pillow case I made for Cohen. Today's pillow case is for Cooper. Cooper is also turning 3 on June 11th. He shares a birthday with my cutie patootie niece Sophie who will be 9! It's going to be a busy afternoon for us, with both his and Sophie's birthday parties. Luckily Sophie's party is just the kid one. They are doing it at a bead store which isn't incredibly appropriate for my Tesla, who has a tendency to eat pretty things that look like candy. So we're just doing a drop in, in the evening on that one.

Cooper is having a Farm party at a horse farm not to far from us. There will be horse rides and Tesla is so super excited about this, I can't tell you. I told her the other day in the car and she started singing Happy Birthday to Cooper despite the fact that he wasn't with us. I think it was just to try and speed up the process of riding the horse. I just have to mention that Cooper has this delicious little dance that he does when he's really excited about something. He kind of gallops in place almost. It's so cute. Oh and his smile. His smile is the cutest thing I have seen. He tilts his heads, squints a little bit shrugs one shoulder up and smiles. The first 30 times I saw him do this, I thought that is the most adorable smile I have ever seen, and then one day I saw a picture of his mom from high school (gotta love fb), and there she was 20 years earlier doing the exact same smile. How cute, that her smile is passed down to her son. (PS: his mom isn't really old enough to have been graduated 20 years just seeing if she's paying attention. ;) )

Even though Cooper is big into horses and diggers like Cohen,  when I asked his mom what she thought he'd like on his pillow she said firetrucks! So I found some firetruck fabric. It's called Under Construction Firetrucks Blue and is not by a specific designer.

Picture from

Here is the front of the pillow.

Here is the back of the pillow.

Now I know for sure Cooper is going to love the pillow case because I showed him the fabric and he did his little dance. I hope he can sleep well on it!

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

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  1. aww, this is sooo sweet! You are so thoughtful Anne! Cooper is just going to LOVE this pillowcase! So glad that we have become friends and that you are in our lives! P.S. I've tried to become a follower of your blog like 6 times, and for some reason it won't let me : (


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