Friday, May 20, 2011

Gift Set

Here's one of my more recent orders, I just completed. It includes a Baby Cuddle Ribbon Blanket, 1 Bib and 1 Burp cloth in matching fabric. Looks so sweet. For the bib I was able to use my new snap press and the polyacetel resin (plastic) snaps. They work really nicely and my new snap press is a cinch to use! The bib is now adjustable and would fit someone as small as Ben who is just 4 months or Tesla who is over 2 years old. I love these bibs they cover so well and are very soft on the skin. Unfortunately Ben is not the best model, he's a great tester though. There's a few of the same type of pictures just different views of the items.

Burp Cloth, Bib folded, and Baby Ribbon Cuddle Blanket

Burp Cloth, Bib and Baby Cuddle Ribbon Blanket (Minky Dot side up)

Bib and Burp Cloth. Bib is adjustable.

Ben modeling the Bip in toddler size adjustment.

Bib modeling the bib in infant size adjustment.
Baby not included

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