Friday, May 13, 2011

Gnoma Claus by The Happy Zombie

Have I mentioned my love of the The Happy Zombie??? She's a rock star in the sewing world. Seriously. Everyone knows her. She's constantly mentioned in magazines and on other blogs. I learned about her in the fall, while reading a post by the Bolt Neighborhood Blog. I mentioned it back in October here. I love reading her blog. It's really inspiring. The colors are bright and cheery so I always feel uplifted and like I can do anything. Her favorite colors are Red and Aqua, which were my wedding colors. So I feel like we're kindred spirits. I imagine Martha, Monica and I one day chatting over coffee as we take a break from our sewing or crafting. I'm on a first name basis, with all the greats, don't you know? Another cool thing about Monica is that when you comment on a post on her The Happy Zombie blog, she actually writes back to you. Not just a standard, thanks for commenting, she actually writes back personally recalling things you wrote on your comment. Seriously, the first time she did that I just about pee'd my pants. Super excited, I felt so special. Now I kind of can't wait for her to write a new post just so I can comment. *he he he*

Okay so enough gushing.

Last year, The Happy Zombie came out with a really fun Holiday line that included the Gnoma Claus. Well I knew those would make great gifts for Christmas, so I immediately bought a few panels. I quickly did nothing with them. My dreams of completing a bunch of hand made holiday gifts last year were squashed by my pregnancy. I was just tired and uninterested in doing anything. But now I'm not pregnant and I decided to go ahead and start on THIS years holiday gifts!

This morning I made the first of many pot holders! I also want to make cute little pillows with this. I find the Gnoma Claus to be just adorable! Thanks Monica for creating something that is just well.... Happy!

Monica, along with the other rock stars are in Salt Lake City at Quilt Market. I am so looking forward to reading all the reports about it. You can see the button for the KPKM radio on the right side of my blog. That's Pam from Pam Kitty Morning who organizes all the reports and does fun videos at Quilt Market. She's another rock star. Both Monica and Pam have new lines of fabric out, you can check out their postings about them here and here

Well that's enough for me for one morning. I need to go eat breakfast before the rest of the house wakes up!

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PS: Thanks Blogger for deleting my first posting and making me rewrite this. Thank goodness I subscribe to my own blog in google reader and could just copy and repost. 

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  1. That is an adorable pot holder! I just did Happy Zombie's Rectangle Reverie pattern!
    btw - I wanted to let you know you are a no-reply blogger. I wanted to get back to you about the knit dress and I couldn't get your email. Everything really was easy. I just haven't figured out the finishing. We have our MQG meeting this weekend and we are actually going to be talking about "alternative" fabrics like knit. So I'm hoping to get some suggestions from there before I tackle it again.


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