Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been working on a bunch of embroidery this past weekend. I have a few projects that I'm doing that I'm embroidering names on and so I thought I'd just cut the fabric out and just get all the embroidery done in advance, that way when I wake up in the morning I can just sew and complete rather than design the look still. I decided before doing anything I needed to just break down and do some sampling of the embroidery on my machine. I have tons of fonts but not all of them are great for embroidery. I'll have to do some more but once I did the Garamond I knew it was perfect for a classic serifed font. I also ran out of room on this fabric to do more, so it was a good stopping point. The English 111 is really strange. It's the most cursive looking font, so I thought it would be perfect for embroidering little girls names but it will not make the full capitalized E. Strange right? Not sure what's wrong with it. I have a friend who's daughters name is Elena and I made a little cuddle blanket for her, but then had to redo the top because it wouldn't show that E. Does anyone else have this problem?

Above are some embroidered names on a red Kona Solid for some little boys I know. These are eventually going to turn into pillow cases for them. I don't have Cooper and Cohen's accent fabric yet, so it'll have to wait. I love the way these turned out. Very strong and clear looking. I used the Garamond font.

What are your favorite fonts for embroidery? Do you have a favorite sans serif one? Or cursive one?

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