Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - Always Say Yes

Once again I'm able to participate in Thrift Share Monday hosted by Apron Thrift Girl. This past weekend I was not able to go garage sale shopping. After the week we had getting everyone healthy again after the crud hit our house, causing my 4 month old to be hospitalized, my 2 year old to get two ear infections and run a fever for what felt like forever, and my poor husband to be incapacitated by nausea, headaches and fevers I needed to run some serious errands. We didn't leave the house pretty much for one week, and although I don't really mind being a home body, I needed time away from my lovely family.
Despite everything that happened last week we did manage some crazy great thriftiness. First I got an email from a woman on Craigslist who had listed a playhouse and slide but hadn't listed a price. She said she was going to relist it but for some reason again didn't give any details and waited two more days to get back to me about what the price was. However she inspired me to look on Craigslist again for a playhouse, and managed to find one for $35.00 within 5 miles of our home that had just been listed. So we got it!

 My daughter loves the house. We set it up at a really perfect time. We'd been inside for what felt like forever. We have American flags near our front door and she decided that she needed one on the house. Not in front of her front door, but on the roof. I asked if it was so that everyone knew she was American, and she said "NO, no American." Hmmm must work on that patriotism.
Another thrifty thing we did was say yes. My MIL called a few weeks back and said that a friend of hers had some clothes for our son that are handme downs from her grandson. So I said sure if she wants to mail them to us, we'll take them. I learned awhile back to just take any handme downs people want to give us. We  have a lot of storage space and if there's something I don't like I'll just give it away, or if it's kooky and not my style keep it anyway for a laugh! Not a problem. Then another friend, Tracey, asked on facebook if anyone wanted hand me downs for girls size 4-8. I jumped on it immediately. Tesla may be 2 but she's wearing size 4 and we can store clothes that are to big for her, so why not? We sorted through all these clothes this weekend, and I can tell you with the exception of underwear and perhaps a few other essential items, we're not going to need to buy clothes for our kids for few years. Seriously. That's a pretty cool feeling to know you're set for clothes for awhile. So here are some pics of my cuties in clothes that were handed down to us and cost us nothing!

 Ben in a flannel/hoodie.

In his concert clothes... Wait I wasn't even alive. Do you think this may be Beattle related?

 Tesla lounging in a very cute red knit dress.

 Ben in some jammies.

 Okay this picture wasn't from this weekend's hand me downs but from some we got 2 years ago from a friend who said "here you want more kids, take these, you'll probably have a boy."

Nap time is apparently over.... Check out the other links on Apron Thrift Girls blog to see what other people have been thrifting this weekend.


  1. I always look on Craigslist first when shopping for big stuff like that for my kiddos. We've scored a great playhouse, too, a few years ago!

  2. I don't think the Beatles were formed until 1960. I first heard of them here in the US in 1964. If the World Tour is based on anyone, I'd guess Buddy Holly.

    I grew up with hand me downs from my cousins. I had a Neiman Marcus coat in 5th grade. I was probably the only kid in my entire school with anything from Neimans. Thank goodness for older cousins with rich parents. ;-) They bought quality things which lasted through their 2 kids, another larger cousin, and were still in pristine condition when they reached me. I was grown before I realized that some people sneered at the idea. Thank goodness I never met any of them when I was growing up! ;-)


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