Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patience Patience Patience

The word for the day? Patience. Most of you know that Jason recently started a new job, and for the first time since T was born I am now home alone with T, all day everyday. No not Saturday and Sunday, and we leave the house, so not technically home alone. It’s been pretty fun, interesting, tiring, and most definitely an educational experience.

I get very little accomplished in a day. I would say I’m surprised by this but to be honest I got less accomplished before we moved back to Washington. It seems like now, Tesla will spend a period of time playing by herself, which will allow me to unload the dishwasher, grab the clothes from the laundry room and complete a few tasks. 

Yesterday, we had an accident in the laundry room. One of the laundry detergent containers that was sitting on top the dryer, burst, and leaked detergent all over the dryer, washer, floor, wall, and other containers of detergent. I immediately started cleaning up but T, wanted to be right in there with me. So I kept moving her away going back to it, moving her away going back to it, over and over and over again. Finally I set up a gate and let her cry, where I could see her and where she could see me. She cried the whole time! It was exhausting. I almost cried by the end of the day.

Well today I was trying to straighten up the laundry room, clean off all the containers. Wipe down the front of the machines and the wall, and Tesla had to get right in where she doesn’t belong. I don’t know what is so fascinating about it. 

Later on I had tried to put T down for a nap. She was having nothing of it. Hoping that her attitude was because of hunger I gave her some yogurt and berries…. And then a bath.

Tonight we had our weekly dinner with Nigel. Tonight’s dinner was ribs, everyone loved it. For dessert, T managed to grab a serving spoon and was using that. None of the pictures turned out so I can’t show you but trust me it was cute. (Update, the picture kind of turned out.)

After dinner, T went right down for bed and all was right in the world. Bed time for me too! Tomorrow promises to be a long day!

The Future Gift

I admit it, I love to shop, now spending money not so much. But now with the internet and blogs it's great, because I can read someone's blog or search on Amazon and find all kinds of products that I don't need. I just like to look. What can I say, it may be weird but I never claimed to be any different.

Anyway, I was reading a blog today and the person had made an apron for their daughter. It was so cute! There was a link in there to get the pattern. The pattern was a crazy $15, so I'm not going to buy it especially when T, is just a little to young for an apron. But in the picture of the apron there was a little mixer, by IPlay Gourmet Mit It Up! So cute.

I envision this as a birthday gift in the years to come, since I cook and bake a lot, and I always show Tesla what's in the mixing bowl and I try to involve her, I am hoping she'll be interested in it too. If not then, fine, I'll get her a rock!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tesla's 1st Bracelet


I forgot to post these pictures of Tesla wearing her first piece of jewelry. It's a ribbon bracelet with felt yarn beads sewed on. It's so cute. Tesla actually wore it all day and with clothes on, but I ended up not having any pictures that would show it off properly. She really enjoyed it and the button clasp worked really well. Thanks Jenna for Tesla's first bracelet. Of course now she wants more, and earrings, necklaces, anklets and more. She also mentioned to me that she LOVES diamonds and promises not to eat them if they are sent her way.

Oh and on the upside, as many of you know, I have recently developed an allergy to gold, platinum and silver. Which means I cannot wear my wedding ring or engagement ring. Well today I bought a new titanium ring. They are ridiculously cheap and it's a plain band. But it's really nice, I like the way it looks and it should arrive in 7 to 10 days. Now I won't get so many guys trying to pick me up, it's been just ridiculous, I feel like I should tattoo on my head "I'm Married!!!" Geez!

Julia's Chicken

I have been really enjoying a cookbook my brother gave me a few years back by the name of The Way To Cook by Julia Child. I’m a big fan of Julia’s, and recently read the books Julie and Julia and My Life In France. 

I’ve been making my way through Julia’s cookbook. A couple of weeks ago I made a chicken sauté, which was delightful with a red wine sauce. Our friend Nigel came over for our weekly dinner and everyone loved it!

Yesterday I made a Broiled Whole Chicken. You start with the chicken skin side down and you baste it every 5 minutes. Then 20 minutes in you flip the bird over, rub it with spices and continue to baste every 5 minutes for 15 more minutes. 

It was a bit tricky since Tesla was playing around the oven. But whenever the timer went off I would just pick her up put her on the far side of the room and run back, open the door to the oven, baste then shut the door again and restart the whole process. She managed to make quite a mess though. I saved these two drawers for her to play with, and she has a lot of fun with them. 

I served the chicken with a risotto and some frozen mixed vegetables. I was going to steam up some fresh broccoli but just as everything was finishing I got a text from Jason stating that he was just about to leave work, and all afternoon on NPR they had been talking about an accident on 405, and I figured he might be quite a bit delayed. So Tesla and I ate with out Jason and I plated him up a serving and left in the oven for when he arrived; he arrived about 30 minutes later. He was very pleased with the meal and mentioned today that the leftover lunch was particularly good. I’ve been making him lunch everyday, so he won’t have to eat lunch out and so that he has something special from me everyday, and feels loved. I think it’s working!


Tesla sure liked it! Although I forgot to take a picture of her eating the chicken and ended up with one of her eating the fruit afterward, but I couldn't have a post without a pic of her in it. She is our main focus you know!

Pancakes and a walk around Seattle

So the last four days were all about cousin Sissy. She spent the night Thursday night, spent all day Friday crafting with me, then came over Saturday for the jewelry party with Ms. Jenna, and the Sunday after a pumpkin pancake breakfast finally went home, to return to school today, Monday. We had a lot of fun. Sissy also made pumpkin pancakes for us for breakfast on Sunday. This is one of my all time favorite recipes, and although she insisted that she doesn't like "spices" I made her smell each bottle and put each one in, because you follow the recipe, at least the first time! She's a pretty funny kid and totally tolerant of all the pictures I took and made her pose for!

Later that same day we took Sissy home, well kind of. My sister has sold her home and is looking to buy a new one. They have put an offer on a house and were having it inspected. It gave us an opportunity to take a look at it. It’s a lovely mossy green and built in 2003. I hope that they are all happy in it.



Later we went into Seattle. I wanted to go to a store that Jenna told me about the night before that has a lot of cheap containers. The store is a Japanese Dollar store, where everything is a $1.50. I know, I know, $1.50 is not a dollar but it’s a good way to describe it. I got some containers for my crafting/office room. Can’t wait to get organized!

We then had lunch at PF Chang’s, which I had never been to before. I would categorize the Chinese food there as being Tex-Mexy but for Asian food. Jason said that it was California Asian. Would that be Calsian?

Afterwards we went and walked around the urban park outside Westlake Center. Tesla had a fun time and I got a few good shots of her stumbling around. Now tell me that is not adorable.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jewelry Party!!!!

Well almost two years later and we finally had our jewelry party for sissy. She has been so excited and I think she has been satisfied. Yesterday we spent the day making our jewelry boxes. I added a mirror to the interior of Sissy's so that she can use it to make sure what she puts on looks right. You know how these things are. The above picture is the first necklace Sissy made. It has a really pretty glass pink hollow bead in the middle, two stars on either side and two more beads on each side. ( I can't tell what they are at the moment, I'm to tired, it's been a very long day.)
Here's Tesla watching on as Sissy and Jenna make the jewelry.

Just before T went to bed, she played on the floor with Sissy and Papa. She sure enjoys having her cousin around. So do we!

All of Sissy's creations. With the exception of the pink feather at the top right hand corner of the table. That was a gift from Uncle J and I.

Off to bed, I've been getting up earlier to get more done, all an attempt to be more organized and efficient. Results in heavy eyelids though!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oops and Jobs!

Oops, almost forgot to mention. Jason is working!!!! YEAH! If your interested in details, give us a call damn it, it's not like the phone doesn't work both ways!

Pony Rides, cousins, crafts and jobs, Oh My!

What a busy couple of days. Not only have I been trying to still unpack and failing miserably at it, but I am also trying to institute organization into our lives. It's not easy but I figure knowing J and I that it'll never be that easy. We're naturally untidy people and have to work on it constantly, but my stress level goes up when everything is a mess so although I'm a natural at being messy, doesn't mean I should stick with it. It's kind of like your hair color, you may have to work to get your hair blond, but it's they way you like it, so it's worth it! I have been reading a blog by the name of the Lazy Organizer. I am getting a real kick out of it and am entirely inspired! Another friend has also started writing a blog about being organized and it is also inspiring. I've already adopted her filing technique and it's helping cut down the clutter quite a bit! I'm sure I'll be blogging about more of this in the future. Anyway on to the stuff you came here for, pics of Tesla and news of our little girl.

Yesterday we went to a party that was for our mom's group. There were pony rides, and a lot of fun activities. I ended up not putting Tesla on a pony ride because the line was long and lets be honest here, she can't really go on one. (She's been on one before so I know this.) But she can eat straw and look cute!

Later that same day, Sissy (Sissy is her new nickname, I'm all about having a couple of cute nicknames in the family, Auntie Bubbles knows all about this) came over. She spent the night and we watched Samantha, an American Girl Doll Movie. It was super cute, and very sappy. Sissy just really learned that word when she said, "you know the one thing about this movie is that they are always sad then happy" which I replied it is very sappy. She was delighted to use "sappy". T and Sissy also took a bath together. Sissy in her bathing suit. Tesla had a great time. Aunt Nicci, took some crazy pictures of her. Apparently she's no good at the point and shoot camera's just the fancy camera's. Oooo la la! Anyway here's one in which Tesla looks possessed. Most of them ended up like this. Oh well. I suppose I could have taken the picture.

Today, Sophie and I worked on a craft. We are making jewelry boxes, using a wooden box, paper, stamps and other items. Here's a picture of the boxes drying on the deck. We only finished the outside of the box today, tonight I will work on the inside of the box and then tomorrow Jenna is coming over to make jewelry, and Sissy is going to spend the night again! Sissy has been waiting for this jewelry making party since our wedding. Almost two years now. SHE IS SO EXCITED. She thinks Jenna is the coolest person on this earth. In fact today, she said, "you know you just said that like Jenna, I like it when you sound like Jenna, she's so cool." That's right can't believe it either. I mean I know Jenna's cool but this girl has barely spent time with her and totally fawns over her. It's totally cute. Anyway about the boxes, I'll take better pictures tomorrow, but I just wanted to show you the works in progress. The pink and blue box is Sissy's box. The brownish gold is mine, it matches our bedroom set. Anyway, while going through the supplies I was showing her these old photo's I had copied. I said, this is your great grandma and great grandpa. Here's your great great grandma and great grandma standing outside their house. She pointed to a picture and said "I want this one" it's of Auntie Bubbles when she was slightly younger. So now Auntie Bubbles will be on Sissy's jewelry box forever and one day she's going to say "who is that?" and think it's a blood relative, well that's alright by me!

We also spent a lot of the day outside walking around and playing. Tesla's playing involves walking, falling and eating things she finds on the ground. She's in two different outfits because the first time we went out the ground was still a bit damp and I like to get her out of the wet clothes when she comes in. The second dress is from Grandma. She looks super cute in it.

First time out this morning.

Later on that afternoon. Yes that is a Crocus popping up. Say hello to spring!

Spending the day with Sophie...

More pics to come just wanted to share one really quick.... back to crafting with the girls!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lawrence of Arabia

Not a kids movie.

Tonight we went to our friend Nigel's house and watched Lawrence of Arabia, thinking that Tesla will fall asleep and we'll put her in the pack and play and we'll all enjoy the evening. About 20 minutes before Intermission she finally passed out on me. Of course I may have catnapped as well. Thank goodness we decided to watch the rest at a later date. It's a good movie but there's no way I could have made it through.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More pics for Auntie Bubbles

Here are some more pictures of Tesla playing on her new toy from Auntie Bubbles.

Auntie Bubbles Yard Addition

Yesterday we received Tesla's new toy from Auntie Bubbles. The Little Tikes Swing Along Castle It arrived too late in the day to put it together, but today it was the first thing on my mind. Tesla went down for her nap at 10:00 and I immediately ran outside and opened the box, which I'll have you know stated in big print on the side, assembled in 20 minutes! Well I think they meant actual time screwing things and inserting them. They could not have meant the time it took to get everything out of the box, find all the tools, read the directions, ask Jason for help with 4 of the screws, and figuring out if this is plastic bolt V or plastic bolt A. But don't worry I got it all set up for her when she woke up at 11:30. Just in time too by the time I got upstairs she was standing in her crib and not looking to pleased.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! We had such a wonderful Valentines Day this year. I usually find that because of the cost that's associated with Valentine's day that it's a bit stressful leading up to it, but this year we don't have any money to be spending on such things so I took matters into my own hands.

About a week before Valentine's Day my niece Sophie came over and helped me decorate. We made Crayon Hearts using waxed paper, crayon shavings and an iron. Shaving the crayons took the longest time, the rest of the craft was super quick and good to do with Sophie. I also let her use the iron! Which was a big deal. Of course I supervised the whole time, and although some melted crayon ended up on my pants, shoes and floor, we were able to clean it all up and there was no other catastrophe. We also made sugar cookies. I rolled out the dough and baked all the cookies with Sophie's help watching Tesla. Then after we had melted all the crayons, we decorated the cookies. I filled pastry bags with icing then piped it on while Sophie spread the icing and then sprinkled it with pretty sugar crystals. They looked fantastic! We hung up all the decorations and packaged up the cookies to be given away.

Since the house was decorated we had to do dinner in for Valentines Day, (well that and the fact that it could have cost a fortune.) We invited my parents over to celebrate. I made Osso Bucco and roasted carrots, served with a hardy sourdough bread and the Liberty School Cabernet. For dessert we had something that looked like a giant eclair, made with a puff pastry, that I shaped into a heart, then split open, filled with whip cream and poured chocolate sauce over. It was pretty darn good!

Overall it was a great day! The best part was spending it with my wonderful husband, who shows me his love everyday!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Play Time

Tesla and I went to the Kids Cove at Bellevue Square and played on their toys. It was so fun. Above are two pictures of her playing. The first picture is on a tug boat, she's walking around the deck. The second picture is her walking around the ferry. The Meydenbauer is a ferry that is commonly used in Puget Sound. I think we'll try going here often, it's a lot of fun, and plus I get to go window shopping which I love!

The last picture is of Tesla reading a book on her new chair from Grandma Myra and Pop Pop. How cute. She just loves sitting in it and we think she looks adorable!

The Big Red Chair

The gifts keep coming! For Tesla's birthday Grandma Myra and Pop pop got Tesla a cozy lounge chair. Because every 1 year old needs somewhere to relax! At first she totally ignored the chair, but then Papa sat in it and she thought that was pretty funny and she's been climbing into it ever since. We'll be moving the chair into the TV room eventually but right now she can't be on the floor in there so it'll stay in the great room for now. She loves to carry things around too. In this video she's carrying Papa's cell phone holder. Last night while a friend was over she walked around with a pad of post it notes and she loves to take her baby doll with her around the house. It's really cute. I'm sure when she starts walking more things will turn up in the weirdest locations, but right now she's still crawling with them around so the rearrangement of items is limited.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tesla turned 1!

My little girl turned 1 years old on the 30th. We had a little birthday party for her at Grandma Ellie's house. I think her favorite toy so far has been the set of fridge magnets from us and a baby doll from Aunt Nicci et all. She carries the baby doll around with her while she's crawling it's very cute, because she needs to use her elbow because she's holding the baby with her hand. She'll also feed the baby and kiss and hug it. How sweet! We're still deciding on the gifts from Auntie Bubbles and Grandma Myra and Pop pop, there will be an update with pics as soon as we decide and have them.