Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Top Sew Along Progress Part 2

I added the yoke/collar to the top that I am making for the Spring Top Sew Along hosted by Made by Rae. I ended up not following the directions on the pattern and making it up as I went along. I can't believe I got it on. The fact that it doesn't look right and that it eventually needed to be pulled off completely and redone is beside the point. I actually just got it on all by my lonesome. The reason that I did it was because the directions made no sense to me. Really no sense. It was like they were written in a foreign language I just couldn't decipher them. I googled the pattern and with the exception of one person no one else thought they made sense either. So I didn't feel to bad about my skills.
The issue with the yoke and the reason I pulled it off was because of that puckering at the right breast. It doesn't do that on the other side and I thought it didn't look right. Also look at the side view.

See that? The yoke is falling backwards off the shirt. Not exactly the look I'm going for. The bad news is I ended up getting a great idea to fix it at four o'clock in the morning and then whatever it is that I did ended up looking so much worse. That's when I pulled the whole thing apart and started over.

The shirt is officially done. But our friend Nigel is coming over tomorrow night for dinner and he's going to take pictures. There is a very specific way that the picture needs to be taken and I also want the color to show through correctly. I would have my sister do it because she's an awesome photographer but I want the pictures NOW, and since it's not a really serious thing I hate to ask her to come right over and take the pictures. Not sure if I will post them here first or on the contest site first. The shirt looks great though and I'm really proud of it.

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