Monday, May 30, 2011


What? Don't get it the title? It stands for Thank Goodness for Thriftshare Monday! YEAH! Because I wanted to participate in Apron Thrift Girls, weekly Thrift Share Monday again, I actually did some research on what garage sales I would go to instead of just seeing one on the way home from my weekly Saturday morning break errand. There were three that I had chosen. Two started at 9:00am and one at 10:00am. One of the 9:00am ones promised Little Pet Shop items and I had my eye on a Blythe doll for Tesla so I definitely wanted to stop there. The other 9:00am one seemed close by so it would also be good but nothing spectacular listed. The third one at 10:00am was a fabric sale. Specifically. Crazy. My friend Amy actually told me about that one. Thanks Amy!

Okay so the loot.
First garage sale I spent $5.10. (Note to parents, I know your daughters are super super cute and they act like adults but please make sure they can do math before letting them be the bank at your garage sale. They had to recount everything several times and gave me to much money back after I gave them a $20 and 10cents. Of course I corrected them. ) The Littlest Pet Shop items were a no go but I did find some other very cool things, well cool to my lovely 2 year old.

Here we see, two Chelsea dolls, you only see one here, the other immediately lost her tennis outfit and left to explore the rest of the house. Their names are Genny and Ava... I'm starting to run out of names and those are names of two little girls that Tesla plays with. Two little people, one Jesse figurine and a wooden bead necklace. All for 25 cents each. But along with this loot was the best find ever and has not left Tesla's side since Saturday morning.

See the horse? Her name is Beauty. She's the best. Tesla is just getting down from her chair in this picture to get Barbara (a Barbie, clever name right?) so that she could ride Beauty. That's my husband playing with another find, but more on that in a bit.

Besides a book that I managed to not get a picture of, the last thing I bought at this garage sale was this MAC chair. It was only $3.00 and came with the bag to carry it. The seat snaps into place and is much lower than a lot of the child size chairs. I took this picture next to Ben so you could see the relative size.

Okay so on to the next garage sale. First I saw this Bead kit that I thought of getting for my niece she's big into beading  but I believe she's getting some Ithing for her birthday and I figured she'd need itunes or some sort. I find the whole itunes and ithing gift terribly boring, but I'm pretty sure the icompany is marketing to me. Well I passed on the bead thing and saw this instead.

Snap Circuits Jr. A friends son has this or the non junior version and we thought it was pretty cool. My husband is an electrical engineer and even though he could technically put together something that did more then this that needed to be soddered together I thought that at $5.00 he could use this with kids to get them excited about science. When I got home I showed him the box. Not even 30 seconds later he had it open and was putting it together.

Check out that smile on his face while Tesla pushes the button.
Next and last, I went to a fabric sale out of a garage. This woman apparently does this sale all the time once or twice a year. She used to work at a quilt shop and is a pattern designer. Everything was priced at $4.00 a yard with smaller cuts available. I spent $17.00 on fabric and here is what I got.

I want to make something for my step dad and nephew with these music notes.

Auntie Bubbles is going to get a pouch or three lined with these owls!

I actually have some larger red tomatoes that I think will be made into a pouch with this as the lining.

Not sure what to do with this, but I thought it was sweet.

Definitely a pouch.

Day of the dead by Alexander Henry! YEAH!!! I can't believe I finally got some!

Other pretty fabric!
So that's everything I got! I think I did pretty well. I spent $27.10 total. A bit much to be spending unplanned but the fabric really was a great deal. Did you go thrifting this weekend? What did you find? Don't forget to see what others found this weekend at Apron Thrift Girls link ups!

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  1. Love your fabric finds - really gorgeous.

  2. Hi, I just clicked over from Apron Thrift Girl. I love finding Little People items at yard sales. Cute fabric pieces!

  3. The Snap Circuits Junior looks like it will be fun for both Dad and kiddos!
    Good buy!
    It is hard to pass up a good buy on fabric.


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