Friday, May 27, 2011

A Pillow Case for Cohen

I have been working on more pillow cases! My daughter has a couple of friends that are both turning 3 within the month. One today and the other on the 11th. These boys are super cute and I just adore them and their moms. I'm sure their dad's are great, I just don't spend enough time with to say I adore them. Anyway, both boys are into trucks of course. Since I had recently started making pillow cases for Tesla I asked the mom's if they thought the boys would like a custom pillow case, and after I got the okay from them, I started looking for fabric.

Cohen is really into diggers. He's huge into diggers. One time we went to the community center to play in their open play space and there were diggers outside digging a trench and he pretty much just stood there watching them and laughed as only an excited 3 year old can do. He's really adorable. So for Cohen I found this Michael Miller Tot Town Dig It White.

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 Here is the pillow front. 
Here is the pillow back.

The pillow is more like a sham style. I like having pillows that don't have to be straightened up. I made these tight fitting too. That way even with the less dense pillows that we tend to give our toddlers it would fit well. I think he's really going to like it. I'm not sure his mom is doing a public birthday party for him so I'm going to need to coordinate getting this to him. I kind of want him to have it for his birthday. I don't really care if he knows it's from us. I just want to know he loved it.

Happy Birthday, Cohen! We love you!!!

I was going to do all three pillows at the same time but decided while writing this post to break it up into three different postings that way I can tell you a little bit about the recipient.

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  1. Anne, you are amazing. What a sweet post...I nearly cried. Thank you, thank you! Cohen will without a doubt, love this. You found the perfect fabric for him. I love that his name is on the back too. You are so talented!


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