Friday, February 19, 2010

Pony Rides, cousins, crafts and jobs, Oh My!

What a busy couple of days. Not only have I been trying to still unpack and failing miserably at it, but I am also trying to institute organization into our lives. It's not easy but I figure knowing J and I that it'll never be that easy. We're naturally untidy people and have to work on it constantly, but my stress level goes up when everything is a mess so although I'm a natural at being messy, doesn't mean I should stick with it. It's kind of like your hair color, you may have to work to get your hair blond, but it's they way you like it, so it's worth it! I have been reading a blog by the name of the Lazy Organizer. I am getting a real kick out of it and am entirely inspired! Another friend has also started writing a blog about being organized and it is also inspiring. I've already adopted her filing technique and it's helping cut down the clutter quite a bit! I'm sure I'll be blogging about more of this in the future. Anyway on to the stuff you came here for, pics of Tesla and news of our little girl.

Yesterday we went to a party that was for our mom's group. There were pony rides, and a lot of fun activities. I ended up not putting Tesla on a pony ride because the line was long and lets be honest here, she can't really go on one. (She's been on one before so I know this.) But she can eat straw and look cute!

Later that same day, Sissy (Sissy is her new nickname, I'm all about having a couple of cute nicknames in the family, Auntie Bubbles knows all about this) came over. She spent the night and we watched Samantha, an American Girl Doll Movie. It was super cute, and very sappy. Sissy just really learned that word when she said, "you know the one thing about this movie is that they are always sad then happy" which I replied it is very sappy. She was delighted to use "sappy". T and Sissy also took a bath together. Sissy in her bathing suit. Tesla had a great time. Aunt Nicci, took some crazy pictures of her. Apparently she's no good at the point and shoot camera's just the fancy camera's. Oooo la la! Anyway here's one in which Tesla looks possessed. Most of them ended up like this. Oh well. I suppose I could have taken the picture.

Today, Sophie and I worked on a craft. We are making jewelry boxes, using a wooden box, paper, stamps and other items. Here's a picture of the boxes drying on the deck. We only finished the outside of the box today, tonight I will work on the inside of the box and then tomorrow Jenna is coming over to make jewelry, and Sissy is going to spend the night again! Sissy has been waiting for this jewelry making party since our wedding. Almost two years now. SHE IS SO EXCITED. She thinks Jenna is the coolest person on this earth. In fact today, she said, "you know you just said that like Jenna, I like it when you sound like Jenna, she's so cool." That's right can't believe it either. I mean I know Jenna's cool but this girl has barely spent time with her and totally fawns over her. It's totally cute. Anyway about the boxes, I'll take better pictures tomorrow, but I just wanted to show you the works in progress. The pink and blue box is Sissy's box. The brownish gold is mine, it matches our bedroom set. Anyway, while going through the supplies I was showing her these old photo's I had copied. I said, this is your great grandma and great grandpa. Here's your great great grandma and great grandma standing outside their house. She pointed to a picture and said "I want this one" it's of Auntie Bubbles when she was slightly younger. So now Auntie Bubbles will be on Sissy's jewelry box forever and one day she's going to say "who is that?" and think it's a blood relative, well that's alright by me!

We also spent a lot of the day outside walking around and playing. Tesla's playing involves walking, falling and eating things she finds on the ground. She's in two different outfits because the first time we went out the ground was still a bit damp and I like to get her out of the wet clothes when she comes in. The second dress is from Grandma. She looks super cute in it.

First time out this morning.

Later on that afternoon. Yes that is a Crocus popping up. Say hello to spring!

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