Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Red Chair

The gifts keep coming! For Tesla's birthday Grandma Myra and Pop pop got Tesla a cozy lounge chair. Because every 1 year old needs somewhere to relax! At first she totally ignored the chair, but then Papa sat in it and she thought that was pretty funny and she's been climbing into it ever since. We'll be moving the chair into the TV room eventually but right now she can't be on the floor in there so it'll stay in the great room for now. She loves to carry things around too. In this video she's carrying Papa's cell phone holder. Last night while a friend was over she walked around with a pad of post it notes and she loves to take her baby doll with her around the house. It's really cute. I'm sure when she starts walking more things will turn up in the weirdest locations, but right now she's still crawling with them around so the rearrangement of items is limited.

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