Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! We had such a wonderful Valentines Day this year. I usually find that because of the cost that's associated with Valentine's day that it's a bit stressful leading up to it, but this year we don't have any money to be spending on such things so I took matters into my own hands.

About a week before Valentine's Day my niece Sophie came over and helped me decorate. We made Crayon Hearts using waxed paper, crayon shavings and an iron. Shaving the crayons took the longest time, the rest of the craft was super quick and good to do with Sophie. I also let her use the iron! Which was a big deal. Of course I supervised the whole time, and although some melted crayon ended up on my pants, shoes and floor, we were able to clean it all up and there was no other catastrophe. We also made sugar cookies. I rolled out the dough and baked all the cookies with Sophie's help watching Tesla. Then after we had melted all the crayons, we decorated the cookies. I filled pastry bags with icing then piped it on while Sophie spread the icing and then sprinkled it with pretty sugar crystals. They looked fantastic! We hung up all the decorations and packaged up the cookies to be given away.

Since the house was decorated we had to do dinner in for Valentines Day, (well that and the fact that it could have cost a fortune.) We invited my parents over to celebrate. I made Osso Bucco and roasted carrots, served with a hardy sourdough bread and the Liberty School Cabernet. For dessert we had something that looked like a giant eclair, made with a puff pastry, that I shaped into a heart, then split open, filled with whip cream and poured chocolate sauce over. It was pretty darn good!

Overall it was a great day! The best part was spending it with my wonderful husband, who shows me his love everyday!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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