Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Julia's Chicken

I have been really enjoying a cookbook my brother gave me a few years back by the name of The Way To Cook by Julia Child. I’m a big fan of Julia’s, and recently read the books Julie and Julia and My Life In France. 

I’ve been making my way through Julia’s cookbook. A couple of weeks ago I made a chicken sauté, which was delightful with a red wine sauce. Our friend Nigel came over for our weekly dinner and everyone loved it!

Yesterday I made a Broiled Whole Chicken. You start with the chicken skin side down and you baste it every 5 minutes. Then 20 minutes in you flip the bird over, rub it with spices and continue to baste every 5 minutes for 15 more minutes. 

It was a bit tricky since Tesla was playing around the oven. But whenever the timer went off I would just pick her up put her on the far side of the room and run back, open the door to the oven, baste then shut the door again and restart the whole process. She managed to make quite a mess though. I saved these two drawers for her to play with, and she has a lot of fun with them. 

I served the chicken with a risotto and some frozen mixed vegetables. I was going to steam up some fresh broccoli but just as everything was finishing I got a text from Jason stating that he was just about to leave work, and all afternoon on NPR they had been talking about an accident on 405, and I figured he might be quite a bit delayed. So Tesla and I ate with out Jason and I plated him up a serving and left in the oven for when he arrived; he arrived about 30 minutes later. He was very pleased with the meal and mentioned today that the leftover lunch was particularly good. I’ve been making him lunch everyday, so he won’t have to eat lunch out and so that he has something special from me everyday, and feels loved. I think it’s working!


Tesla sure liked it! Although I forgot to take a picture of her eating the chicken and ended up with one of her eating the fruit afterward, but I couldn't have a post without a pic of her in it. She is our main focus you know!

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