Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jewelry Party!!!!

Well almost two years later and we finally had our jewelry party for sissy. She has been so excited and I think she has been satisfied. Yesterday we spent the day making our jewelry boxes. I added a mirror to the interior of Sissy's so that she can use it to make sure what she puts on looks right. You know how these things are. The above picture is the first necklace Sissy made. It has a really pretty glass pink hollow bead in the middle, two stars on either side and two more beads on each side. ( I can't tell what they are at the moment, I'm to tired, it's been a very long day.)
Here's Tesla watching on as Sissy and Jenna make the jewelry.

Just before T went to bed, she played on the floor with Sissy and Papa. She sure enjoys having her cousin around. So do we!

All of Sissy's creations. With the exception of the pink feather at the top right hand corner of the table. That was a gift from Uncle J and I.

Off to bed, I've been getting up earlier to get more done, all an attempt to be more organized and efficient. Results in heavy eyelids though!

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