Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Future Gift

I admit it, I love to shop, now spending money not so much. But now with the internet and blogs it's great, because I can read someone's blog or search on Amazon and find all kinds of products that I don't need. I just like to look. What can I say, it may be weird but I never claimed to be any different.

Anyway, I was reading a blog today and the person had made an apron for their daughter. It was so cute! There was a link in there to get the pattern. The pattern was a crazy $15, so I'm not going to buy it especially when T, is just a little to young for an apron. But in the picture of the apron there was a little mixer, by IPlay Gourmet Mit It Up! So cute.

I envision this as a birthday gift in the years to come, since I cook and bake a lot, and I always show Tesla what's in the mixing bowl and I try to involve her, I am hoping she'll be interested in it too. If not then, fine, I'll get her a rock!

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