Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Auntie Bubbles Yard Addition

Yesterday we received Tesla's new toy from Auntie Bubbles. The Little Tikes Swing Along Castle It arrived too late in the day to put it together, but today it was the first thing on my mind. Tesla went down for her nap at 10:00 and I immediately ran outside and opened the box, which I'll have you know stated in big print on the side, assembled in 20 minutes! Well I think they meant actual time screwing things and inserting them. They could not have meant the time it took to get everything out of the box, find all the tools, read the directions, ask Jason for help with 4 of the screws, and figuring out if this is plastic bolt V or plastic bolt A. But don't worry I got it all set up for her when she woke up at 11:30. Just in time too by the time I got upstairs she was standing in her crib and not looking to pleased.

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