Monday, April 26, 2010

Who needs a stroller, anyway?

You know, I think back on it, and my parents had it so easy. Why didn't I think of it? Have your kid in June and that way you don't wear out all the present giving opportunities so close together! Well as we all know, although we were trying to have a kid, we didn't think it would happen so quickly, so she's born in January. Thank goodness it's at least the end of January so she won't end up all bitter like her Christmas born Papa. But it's hard, you know, you want your kid to have everything, on the other hand you want to raise them to not be spoiled, and for them not to expect you to buy them everything all the time. But then it's only $20.00, so why not get it?

Well the reality is or at least this is what I imagine the reality to be, not based on anyone I know. If your kids get everything they want the minute they say they want it, they'll just want more. Unfortunately abiding by this is really hard on me, but I figure I need to work on it now, when Tesla doesn't actually verbally say she wants anything in particular and doesn't know any better. So I didn't go buy her a stroller for her baby. She'll get one at Christmas or her birthday, but I'm going to wait the 9 agonizing months to get it for her, because these are values I want to adopt.


I hate it.

In the meantime, I found this pull behind cart that a friend gave us last year for outside. I cleaned it up and brought it in and Tesla loves putting the baby in it. Of course she doesn't actually pull the cart behind, she picks the whole thing up and walks around with it, but she'll figure it out. I also taught Tesla how to put the baby through the handle of the push and go toy. What can I say, it may look bad but she keeps doing it and pushing the baby in it. So I am proud of myself, I didn't go buy anything else for her and was able to make use of what we had, so now I don't have anything extra to put away or clean, and Tesla didn't get anything new, and she's perfectly happy.

It's hard to grow up sometimes. But as I am learning you need to be the example for your kids, you can't just expect them to behave a certain way if you don't do it yourself, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of epiphanies in my future. Looking forward to it!


  1. I was born January 25th. I have always loved my birthday! Whatever I don't get for Christmas, I know I can ask for it for my birthday and likely get it bc it will be on sale! It just makes that whole time of year even more special. Thanks for following. I'll follow back :)

  2. Ahh well good to know. Tesla's Papa was born Dec. 25th, and he was a bit bitter about it, until we started celebrating it on June 25th. Now we do a nice big party and make the day all about him.


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