Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cookies Review!

We went to Whole Foods the other day because I needed to get unsweetened coconut for Macaroons, I couldn't find it at the two grocery stores that I went to and I knew they had to have it there. So as I was wondering my way through Whole Foods, because that store is layed out so poorly, I found the organic cookies. My friend Annie had served Tesla a Newman's own cookie when we went to their house once, but I hadn't been able to get them at the stores that I go to regularly. (Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong section.) I got the kind that she had served us plus these super yummy Alphabet Chocolate cookies. Oh yeah, they are tasty, and very rich chocolate flavor. Tesla just loved them, in case you couldn't tell.

I thought I would suggest them to you all, not just for your toddler but for yourself! Who doesn't want to spell things out with your food?!

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