Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smart Mom Jewelry Giveaway

I have been reading a blog by the name of Crazy House. It's very cute. Anyway the blogger is hosting a giveaway for a very pretty piece of Jewelry and you get three entries if you blog about it. So here it is I'm blogging!

Smart Mom Jewelry is Jewelry that is safe for your kids to chew on. That's cool huh? There's a necklace that is part of the giveaway that is donut shaped pendant that is strung on a cord.

It's pretty cute! They have some super cute bangles too. I love bangles. I am sure that Tesla would still absolutely enjoy something like this on me. Don't you? She puts everything in her mouth. My real question is how do I stop this behavior?

Anyway check out the blog, and enter in the giveaway yourself or just enjoy the blog.

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