Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tamper Proof Outlets

Our sweet sweet little girl manages to pull the outlet covers out of the outlets. Isn't that cute? Now she hasn't figured out that you can put stuff in the wholes of the outlets but she walks around with the outlet covers in her mouth very proud of herself for getting them out. "Look Mama made a challenge for me!" We decided to install tamper proof outlets, which from what we understand is the new standard in houses, however this was from the same guy who told us they were around $5.00 a piece, and that's just not true, so don't quote me on that. The outlets were about $1.24 each from Platt Electrical Supply. We purchased 40 of them which is enough to do all of the reachable outlets in the house and leave about 5 extra. Since outlets break it's always good to have a few on hand. These outlets do not slide to open, like some child-resistant outlets do, there is a  shutter mechanism inside the receptacle that blocks access to contacts.

Jason could install them however since my brother is an electrician we hired him to do the job, so that Jason can work on his ever growing list of tasks to accomplish. I'll be very relieved once these are in! Now we just need to replace our blinds!

On a side note, if any of you would like some tamper proof outlets installed and live in the area I can recommend my brother to do the job!

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