Saturday, April 24, 2010

Less is More

As I have mentioned in the past I have been reading about organization, homemaking and raising kids. They all go hand and hand. Well one of my favorite blogs to read is the Lazy Organizer, which I of course have mentioned a few dozen times, and she basically says less is more, but in a way that I actually hear her. It's interesting how you can hear that in so many different ways but when I am finally at the point that I want to learn how to raise a healthy and happy child, and make a warm and comfortable home for myself, husband and kids, I actually hear it.

Not a day goes by that I don't think, oh Tesla could use this, or I "need" that. But the reality is I need nothing, and my daughter yes she does need a few things here and there but right now, she's set. In fact it seems hard to believe that at the age of 14 months she could possibly have to much but I really think she does.

Part of less is more for me is to think about the quality of toys that Tesla is playing with. Do they stimulate, entertain and educate her in some way? Not always. So I have started limiting the toys downstairs in our great room to toys that do just that. It's amazing how if I have her toy box overflowed she gets frustrated and bored easily, but if there is less in there she can entertain herself for quite some time. It's not hours, but definitely 20 minutes at a time with no outside stimulation from me. She generally will play with her abacus, her blocks, her baby doll, books and table and chairs. Those are her go to toys.

Now I am not at the point where I would get rid of anything of hers. Everything is so new I would feel bad just getting rid of them. What I have done is move them upstairs to her room, and often times when Papa gets home from work, he takes her upstairs to play while I finish up dinner or after dinner when he gets her ready for bed, and she has a lot of fun taking everything out, showing Papa and running around her room. It's been great. I'll share a couple of other "Less is More" ideas in later posts.

Photos: Tesla playing with her blocks. In case you are wondering if she has a scrape on her face, not it's raspberry leftovers from lunch. What can I say I'm still working on being neat.


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  2. She's adorable!!

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  4. Thanks for visiting me over at i.craft@ BeeWiseBags! Yes, my creative space gets a little crazy after a week of creating. :) But I'm so glad to have it here instead of the dining table like it used to be, years ago. :) I'm with you on quality toys... my kids are all big now but we always spent more on less.


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