Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank Goodness for Friends with Cameras

In order left to right: Adrian, Tesla, Grant, Nate

Today, Tesla sat up on her own for the very first time. I was just reading in the What to Expect the First Year that around this time a baby may be able to get into a sitting position on their own from their stomach and I could not figure out how she would do it, and Voila! She did it. It was pretty cool to see, because she was completely not impressed by it but I was.

I also went to a petting farm (not really a zoo, it was a farm stand with animals you could feed and pet) with Tesla, Grant, Adrian, Nate and their respective mom's. Tesla does not do well with animals. She pretty much was screaming the whole time. I'm going to have to go back there to get her over this fear. She's very afraid of cats too. She pretty much starts whimpering as soon as a cat comes into the room and it turns on to full on hysterics very quickly, which for a kid that doesn't actually cry all that often is not good. Perhaps I'll try going back to the farm on a more regular basis so that she can get over this. Funnily enough she didn't mind the chickens, which are my favorite!

Since our camera is broken, my friend Laura, Grant's mom sent me these pictures.

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