Sunday, November 22, 2009

Portsmouth, NH

Picture of Portsmouth Taken of of Internet

We went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire today. One of my favorite places to visit. It's a very picturesque town with lots of little shops, and eateries. We went to our favorite BBQ joint called Muddy River Smokehouse. My mom had gotten us a gift certificate to it, and we wanted to use it before we moved to Seattle. We also went to a little park and had a bit of a picnic with Tesla. It was so cold though that we tried not to stay outside to long. Her little nose was as red as Rudolph's! After the park we visited a fabric store that has some of the most beautiful fabric. I bought a couple of yards of fabric to make new bibs for T, she's growing out of all of the bibs that came with outfits. We ended up home by 5, but had a lovely day walking around and visiting Portsmouth.

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