Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm pulling my hair out!

You know sometimes technological advances are just a pain in the rear. I have been struggeling for a couple of days to add a slide show to the bottom of this blog. The slide show will show pictures that are on the blog as well as pictures that I upload separately. That way I don't have to keep adding new posts just to add old pictures. Anyway, I finally open an account with Picasa Web Albums and am able to create an album and put a few pictures on. (You can only add 5 at a time, so I added an additional 15 at this time.) I then login to the blog account and add the widget, however it's not recognizing my username, which you would think that it would be my login name for Picasa, nor will it take my url, or my html direct paste. So finally I think well maybe it's because I have the settings to private. Nope, they need me to add an additional user name for that particular album and then I can add it to my blog. Ridiculous. Well anyway the good news is I figured it out, and now there's a slideshow at the bottom of the blog that has a few more pictures but will gain more in time.

Now on top of it, I'm still struggeling to figure out how to do anything but just play my videos taken with the camcorder. That will have to be another day, it's just to frustrating.

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