Sunday, November 29, 2009


Tesla is such a great eater. Tonight we started out with me feeding her some baby food. Now I made all of her baby food with the exception of cereal's. We have been transitioning her away from the mushed items to chewing items for the last couple of weeks. The last two nights Tesla has not been opening her mouth for me. I was thinking that it was because Jason usually feeds her while I'm making dinner so she just wants Papa to feed her. But it seems that she just really wants to feed herself. After about 10 minutes of struggling to get her to open her mouth I put a peice of the lasagne on the tray and she immediately started feeding herself. It's pretty cool to see how much she likes different foods. Once she was done eating her lasagna, and garlic bread (only about an inch of bread total) I gave her some applesauce and yogurt. That she let me feed her. Once dinner was complete I had to hose down the high chair while Jason wiped all the food off. This whole feeding yourself thing is pretty messy!

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