Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday #2

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I am so happy to participating in my second WIP Wednesday. Participating in Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday is a huge motivator and I have been cranking out projects. It feels so good to say I got something done. Even just cutting and washing fabric for projects feels more accomplished.
So my first WIP Wednesday post is here. In that list I show you some of the fabrics I am using for future projects. Today's post will just show the final product and the progress and any new items that have been added to the list.

1. Stash Basket for Chrissy X 2 she can choose, in both Garden and Bright by Ann Kelle.*DONE* She's now trying to decide which one she'll choose or if she wants to get both. They are so cute.

Michelle's in one of the baskets to show relative size.
2. Pillow Case for Hudson/Sarah just like the one I did for Cohen. *DONE* and mailed.

3. Blanket for Madison/Shelby *DONE*

This posed a definite challenge. The blanket is 3' by 4.5'. One side is Minky Dot and the other is a stripped flannel. The Minky dot has a shiny slippery back side which means that the flannel does not stick to it, causing the blanket to bubble. I made one like this for a friend in a smaller size so I know this happens. When I make it for the small Baby Cuddle Blankets it's not an issue because they are so small. When I talked to one of the employees at Pacific Fabrics about it, she said that it would be better if I made the blanket flannel on flannel and then it would stick together. All I could think at the time was "Uh, really ya think? That's not really the point though hello!" She did give me an idea though. What if I did a layer of less expensive flannel on the inside. Then I could quilt the Minky Dot to that layer of flannel and then add the nicer more expensive flannel with the ribbons at the end. That solves the issue of the Minky Dot shifting while quilting because that layer of flannel won't be seen. It worked perfectly. The two flannel's stick to each other really nicely and the blanket with the little added weight really is pleasant to cuddle up to. I should probably make some for my kids. 

4. Blanket for Shelby's niece. (Fabric chosen, embroidered and cut, just need to sew it all together.)
5. Dress for me. This will be a knit shirt type dress in a Michael Miller print called Aromatherapy. (Fabric washed.)
6. Skirt for Tesla (Oliver +S) you can see it here
7. Dress for Tesla (Oliver +S) you can see it here.
8. Shirt for Tesla (Oliver + S) you can see it here.
9. Dress for Tesla - Macy Giggles. Using the same pattern from that I used with this dress
10. Ironing Board Cover - in a Red Ta Dot by Michael Miller *Done* You can read about it here. It's really pretty.
11. Pj's for John in Beep Bot Flannel
12. Pouch for gifts - Can't say for who. I made one though for my Chiropractors daughter. It's so super cute.

13. Pillow Case for my MIL or a table runner.
14. Quilt - I have the fabric and pattern just need to cut and get started. It's from Oh! Fransson.
15. Blanket for Cooper, using this fabric.
16. Blanket for Finley, using this fabric.(Cut and embroidered.)
17. Bibs, burp cloths and blanket for Kate - Still waiting on the okay. 
18. Bibs for MaryKay.

Here are my stats:
Projects at beginning of last week: 17
Projects completed: 4
Projects added: 1
Starting this week with 14 projects. 

I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back on this, with a 5 month old and a two year old who I just started potty training yesterday, who so far has and 5 accidents today alone, it feels good to write this up and show that I have accomplished a couple of things. Of course it's taken me about 5 hours to write this post. Better late then never!
My goal this week is to get all the clothes cut out and bagged for sewing, and to at least 3 of the cuddle blankets and a set of bibs done. Seems both ambitious and like it's not a lot. We'll see, the potty training goal may exhaust me.  
Here is Tesla in all her glory... She had an accident on this chair today while painting though this pic is from another time.

Wish me luck!!!

Don't forget to go back to Freshly Pieced and see everyone else's WIP lists and progress!

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  1. Wow! How did you do the embroidery of the names on the pillowcases and blankets? I love that personal touch.

  2. Love your baskets. Those are so cute!


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