Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Days are just too beautiful!

Man oh man. Yesterday was just a perfect day. First of all it started with an imperfect week, and by that I mean busy. Play dates, class, errands. I'm just not one of those people that enjoy doing stuff constantly and to me a perfect day involves a happy kiddo, and T is happy when we are home. We get plenty of time to play, we get to take two naps, and we get to hang out. I mean how great is that. To top it off there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Tesla and I played outside for quite some time. Thanks to my sister we now have three new toys she can play with, they include a Little Tikes doll house, a kitchen and a vanity. I know the vanity is supposed to go inside but it's fine under the deck.

I have set up a couple of chairs our there so if she ever decides to play without me I could theoretically sit and read a magazine and have a martini... Just kidding. Lemonade of course.

Tesla loves to make the rounds. She goes from the back play area to the side of the garage, then all around the driveway, over to the grassy null and then up the hill to walk around and gaze down at the house and then back down the other side into the back play area. Seriously she could do this 20 times and not get bored.

We're having good fun together, she took a nice long nap, after the days activities which allowed me to make dinner in solitude. 

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