Sunday, June 12, 2011

PJ's for Nigel

As many of our friends know, we have dinner every Wednesday night with Nigel. Nigel and my husband used to work together on a hardware project for a large software company here in Redmond. *wink, wink* When we returned to our home here my husband called him and said, "Man you have got to be social, we have so many wonderful friends on the East Coast I need to be social with people on the West Coast more or I am going to be miserable." The first week we got back he came for dinner on a Wednesday and that was that. It's been over a year and a half and we have added our son to the mix and now the 5 of us do dinner each Wednesday. It really is great. It breaks up the week and it allows my husband to be social with one of his favorite people. They also kind of work together again and geek speak a lot. Occasionally we invite others to join us, and when we have guests in we've always included Nigel. He's becoming a very good member of the family, and he just so happens to share my birthday! I knew there was something good about him.
Last year for Nigel's birthday we got him a picture of our daughter. He really does need an updated one and one of Ben but I didn't want to start a trend. So I was thinking and thinking about what to get him. When I came up with a great idea. But there was no way I could finish it in time, however I started to do some research to see if I could even find fabric that would match my idea. While doing that Jason says to me, you know you should make some PJ's for Nigel in that Beep Bot fabric if it comes in flannel. There is no way I cannot take a suggestion like that. So of course I immediately switched course and found some flannel Beep Bot! YEAH!!! I ordered way to much of the fabric and it was delivered Tuesday morning before our weekly Wednesday dinner in which we were going to celebrate our birthday's. I somehow managed to wash, dry, iron cut out and complete the project in time for our dinner celebration all while watching both kids, making a cake and making dinner for 13! (Okay 5 of the guests were 2 and under, but I'd rather take credit for the larger number of guests.)
Nigel loved the pj's and they fit perfectly. I however could not get him to model them long enough to take a picture. Bugger. But I took plenty in advance. He said every time he looks at them he laughs and that can't be bad.
The fabric is from a wonderful online store by the name of The Enchanted Room.
Here they are.

Here is the full length view. They are actually the same length I just didn't straighten them on the floor.

Folded in half to see the robots better.

Completely folded so you can see a closer view of the cuffs. 

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