Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Ironing Board Cover

Inspired by the beautiful ironing board cover I saw on Sew Dang Cute's blog in April, I made a new ironing cover for me. My old was icky to say the least. I don't know why stores don't provide you with cute ones or perhaps they do and I was to cheap to buy it, but my old one was a funky material that ripped easily and it didn't stay on the board well, so I was constantly ironing on the padding underneath. I took Sew Dang Cute's directions and modified them a bit. One thing I did was I added a scrap of fabric at the top of the board underneath to hold the cover on better. Tam did this on her's too, but mine didn't have it originally so I eye balled it and made it work. I also didn't use all the same string and such from the original like she did, I bought everything new. I did use a very similar fabric though which I only just realized now that I had to look back to get her link. It's kind of funny. I think it's just that red is the best color out there so who wouldn't want a red patter for their ironing board.
Below are the pictures of the board, I forgot to take a before of it so I just laid the old material down over top the new so that you can get the gist of it. But just imagine the foam underlay sticking out and it being more wonky on top. You also can't see the rips in the cover, but it is ripped. I have to mention that I have only had this ironing board for about 3 and a half years, there's really no reason that it should be ripped other than it's crappiness factor. 

When it's nice out, I prefer to iron outside. Don't you???

 So there you have it. What an improvement right? I used Michael Miller's Ta Dot in Red. It's scrumptious. I picked it up at Fabric Depot for under $5.00 a yard! It inspires me to decorate my sewing room now.

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