Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pillow Case

We are trying to get my daughter into her big girl bed. Right now she's sleeping in her crib that has been converted into a toddler bed, but she has a big girl bed, and she needs to start sleeping in it. She needs to do this because her little brother is eventually going to be sharing a room with her and he needs to sleep in the crib. Well in order to help her transition to the big girl bed I moved a pillow into the crib with her. She has a nice set of sheets in flannel with pretty flannel stars and it's nice and super soft. However she doesn't want the pillow with the pillow case on it. She wants the pillow with the pillow case cover. You know the one that is just for decoration but not really for use? Well this pillow has a kitty on it. Oh and I forgot to mention that the quilt and pillow case cover that is on her bed used to be mine when I was a kid. It's all in great shape still, wouldn't know it's that old but part of that reason is because I did not use the pillow case cover! So now I'm thinking I need to make her some pillow cases that she'll like just as much, and tonight, I finally found the fabric! Now just to convince my husband that I NEED to buy it...

See look kitties! I think she'll like it. I'm thinking I'll do one side in the print and the other in a solid, that way I can have more than one pillow case or extra fabric. What do you think?

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