Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric for Spring Top Sew Along

I bought the fabric for the Spring Top Sew Along that is being hosted by Made By Rae. I got the fabric at Pacific Fabrics in Bellevue. They are so helpful there. I brought 5 bolts, one at a time, to the counter, to ask their opinion and because I found something better at the last minute. I could only carry so much with me since Ben was in the car seat and boy has that gotten heavy. Anyway, one fabric is a solid and the other is a print. The print will be the dominant fabric and the solid will be just around the color.

I am really into purples lately. I just love the color saturation of it all, and I think that with the pattern it will look really great. Let's hope! I unfortunately only know that the solid is by Robert Kaufman and is called Ultra Sateen Plum. The pattern I am hoping to figure out but the receipt states that it is a a Moda Marbles Red Hot and it's not that. They also under charged me. It's funny because I was thinking wow that was cheap, and then later in the car I was thinking wow, 2 1/8 of fabric at 8.99 a yard plus the other 5/8 yard really was inexpensive. But now that I look at it I realized they totally undercharged me. In fact I'm not sure what they were looking at when they totaled it up. Weird. I feel bad that they undercharged me, I hope I got the right amount of fabric, I better go measure that solid.

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