Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ann Kelle Fabric Line

I think I am in love with a fabric line. Okay I'll admit it I am in love with multiple fabric line's, but today's post will be about Ann Kelle's line. Even line is not really fair. She has several lines out that I absolutely adore. The thing I like about her design's are the bold graphics and colors. The shape of the graphic are fun. I love the rounded cars, the round eyes of the owl, the swoosh of the tail on the whale, the squares and the hearts and so much more.

Ready Set Go!

I love the green background on the cars and the roundness of the edges. The blue on the trains is so eye catching. I think I would make pants for Ben with these prints.

Cuddle fabrics... I don't know what cuddle fabric is but I think I am going to have to find out!

Urbam Zoologie pretty much drives me insane! What do you think? I'm thinking lots of fun play pants for Ben and a matching dress for Tesla! Perhaps my new pattern from Oliver + S would do.... hmmm...

Anyway the one I am getting shortly is the Ready, Set, Go! Trains and cars. They are what made me fall in love with this line and I m super excited to play with it!

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