Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Away in Port Townsend

 As some of you know, Jason and I went away for the weekend, to Port Townsend. We dropped Tesla off at Grandma's house at about 9:00 am and got up to Edmonds to catch the ferry to Port Townsend a little late and ended up having to wait for the next one at 10:45. Not to bad. I remember waiting in line for the ferry when I was little and it seemed like it took HOURS! I'm sure I'm exaggerating but during the summer it can take quite a long time.

We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast by the name of the Blue Gull Inn. The owners John and Renee were lovely. The B&B was decorated beautifully. Our room the Angel Room was very comfortable, and had a private bath with a jacuzzi tub. Oh yeah. I had a nice long hot soak in there and finished a book finally too! The breakfast was amazing. They served a Pecan French Toast, with slices of ham, and deviled eggs. I don't eat mayo or mustard but Jason tells me that the eggs were delicious. 

When we got into town on Saturday we had lunch at Fin's Coastal Cuisine. The menu was a bit lacking, with a high amount of Seafood, and not a lot of choices for those of us, that just go to seafood restaurants because they love their husbands but wouldn't actually touch seafood with a ten foot poll.  That being said, my steak sandwich was delicious and the garlic fries were to die for. Jason had a salmon sandwich that he claims was excellent. (To each his own.)

After lunch we spent the time walking around and browsing in some of the stores. There is a wide variety of art available in Port Townsend, and most very affordable. We enjoyed the Gallery 9 which had a some really beautiful paintings, jewlery, carvings, and so much more. One of my favorite peices were these cloisonne pendants, by Linda Lundell. Absolutely stunning pieces and so much work goes into each one. I'm sure they are worth every penny. We just didn't have enough pennies for them, this time.

After our nice walk around town we checked in at the Inn and had a lovely nap. Ahh the things you can do, when Grandma is baby sitting. Then we headed up to Fort Worden to walk around.

While we were there we stopped in at ArtFest which is a 4 day creative artists retreat. It was fantastic, and I wish I could afford to do it sometime.  I love all the mixed media art, that they were showing. That is just up my alley. We then drop up to the point and had a nice walk on the beach, and the old forts. It was so pretty and was just what we needed to be hungry for dinner!

Dinner at the Public House was so good. I ordered the Maple Glazed Pork Chops, with a Gorgonzola topping  and Asparagus and Potatoes. The meat was perfectly cooked, the combination of the Maple and the Gorgonzola was perfection. I would highly recommend it. The restaurant was very family friendly, with paper table clothes and crayons. There was a little boy sitting across from us that was Tesla's age and was doing all the same things that Tesla does. It was so cute! Made us miss her and remember why we don't go out to eat with her anymore.

We got back to the Inn around 8, took baths, read and slept all night. We didn't even notice the windstorm that apparently woke others up. As Jason put it, the wind was a lot quieter than our 14 month old teething, beautiful daughter.

After breakfast on Sunday we walked around the town some more. We managed to find the jar opener I have been wanting. It's by Zyliss, it's called the Strongboy 2. We own the Strongboy 1, but right after we got it, it was discontinued in the US. You see that loop at the top of the jar opener, well know it's made with a flexible meshy material, but back then it was made with something that resembled sheet metal. At the same store, Jason also bought a beautiful pair of earrings for me, for our anniversary. I'm so fortunate to have such a great husband!

When we got back to my mom's later that afternoon Tesla ran to the door, okay window to greet us. It was so cool to have her so excited to see us. She had a great time with Grandma. They went to the park, the pool and colored. I think we'll definitely have to have a repeat, but perhaps a staycation next time!

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