Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby -o?

Recently checked out the book What'll I do with the Baby-o? Baby-o was created for people who create programs for toddlers and babies. Generally one hour programs, specifically Librarians, Early Childhood Educators, Teachers in the Child Mother Goose Program, and it says parents who want to learn fun and beneficial ways to play with their babies. In the beginning of the book it had a lot of interesting information about creating groups and how babies learn and grow. At the end of the book there are examples of one hour programs to do with groups. (The librarian at our library must have taken a look at this because I think the program is right out of here.) In the middle there are all kinds of songs and rhymes, broken down into categories like Hello Songs, Bouncing Rhymes, Tickling Rhymes and so on. I would recommend this book, either check it out at your local library or buy it. It's got a lot of great finger plays and instructions on how to do them. It's a little to much educational info for me, since I am not going to create a one hour program to do in front of a group of toddlers and parents, but I did write down a lot of the songs and rhymes. Now I just need to organize all of my materials so that I can spend an hour with Tesla that is more cohesive and less random with me sorting through my papers. She tends to like to rip, eat and walk around with them.


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