Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Furnace!!!

Today we are getting a new furnace! I am so excited. Not only has it been failing often but it takes a lot of Jason's time to get it working again. So instead of working on that he can do other things. Which is great because I feel bad asking him to do anything after he comes home from work because we're both tired.

We are getting a Coleman Furnace, it's 97% efficient. We'll receive a tax credit of $1500 and then a rebate from our tax company for $250 so after all that it's a no brainer. I wonder if that picture is what it really looks like, it seems so compact.

We're also having them install a cabinet just in case we want to get AC in the future. It's about $175.00 extra but if we do want that installed it'll save about a days worth of labor and that would cost more than that. Apparently they have to pull the furnace out in order to install it. Gosh maybe we'll have a mild summer and they'll be flooded with AC's and we can pick one up from them on a good deal. That would be great! AC is not nessecary here. Sure it got hot here last year, but it doesn't usually do that, so I'm not to worried.

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