Friday, March 26, 2010

Sears pictures from Grandma's Visit

We just received the pictures from Grandma's visit back from Sears. We had intended to just get Tesla and Grandma captured but just before we left, we decided to include Jason. So if you wonder, Anne, why aren't you in them, I can answer you there was just not enough time. I would have had to do my hair, and it's a complete disaster these days so it was either get everyone else ready and out the door or me alone. Next time maybe we'll get everyone.

This dress was given to Tesla from our friends Greg and Chris for Christmas. It's so cute. I love Chris's taste in clothes. We have another hand me down from her that is velour and looks like the bag Anne from Anne of Green Gables carried with her when she went to meet the Cuthberts for the first time. I love it!

The photographer could do nothing to make Tesla not smile. I swear as soon as she said smile she was on it. Grandma and Tesla look fantastic in this picture. I think she'll be really happy to receive it!

Lastly my handsome husband joins the mix. This is really a great photo of the three of them. Next time, we'll do Pop pop, Grandma, Tesla, Papa and I. I can just envision it now.

Now on to the complaint. Sears is very tricky about their photo department. They lure you in with a package that's just 7.99 then they say well each additional sheet is 19.99 unless you don't want to do the package in which case it's just 7.99 each sheet. We ended up spending 43.00, which is not bad overall but totally annoying. Lastly, and I know they do this to everyone because I saw them do it to two other people picking up their pictures. They say, oh the lab "accidently" printed out a few more sheets. You can buy all of them for 25.00 if you want. I'm glad I saw that they did this to everyone because I think it's just sleazy. They could say hey, we have more pictures if you want to buy them. But no, they say it was an accident, even though the sheets that were printed were completely different then what we ordered, and they changed the effects on them. They are not fooling anyone!!!

But for the price they did a nice job, and we will go there again.

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