Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grandma's Visit!

We had a wonderful visit with Grandma! She came to visit on Thursday and stayed until Monday. It was so nice to see her and spend time together. We had a busy weekend. On Friday we went to the Seattle Aquarium. It was Tesla's first time. It was so much fun to point out all the different sea animals. She enjoyed sticking her hands in the tide pools but could just barely reach. I managed to lift her up enough so that she could put her whole hand in. When she learns the meaning of gentle we'll be able to touch the different animals.

The ring of jelly fish was really interesting. The jelly fish just swam in a large plastic tube, it was like a hamster wheel for jellyfish. Tesla enjoyed  watching them but most likely just enjoyed playing on the tube. There was a super cute little boy that was just sitting on the floor next to it until Tesla came along and started trying to climb it. His mom said they'd been there for a few minutes. Way to go Tesla, make those boys jump!

Later that day we went to Pike Place Market and walked around. I managed to pick up a few new cookie cutters and Grandma bought a beautiful bouquet for just $5.00! Pays to get to the market just as they are closing!

The next day we spent with my mom to the mix, and visited Whidby Island. We had lunch at the Langley Cafe, a Mediterranean restaurant on Langleys main shopping street. It was very good. It was fun to go in all the little stores. I came away with a super cute pair of socks, but I seemed to be the only one interested in shopping that day so we left the island early. On the way home we stopped at Orvis. Orvis is one of Grandma Myra's favorite stores and she managed to find a few things that would be good additions to her wardrobe!

Sunday we went to Sears and had pictures taken. Of course the deal was for $7.99 but I managed to spend just under $50.00. We were initially going to do photos of just Grandma Myra and Tesla but then decided to add Jason into the mix and some of just Tesla. When these decisions were being made there was not enough time for me to get ready to be in the pictures too. So next time we'll get the whole family. We won't get those photo's for a couple of weeks but they turned out very well and I'll scan and post them as soon as I can.

Monday, Grandma Myra was the biggest help! She let me run errands and she stayed in the car! It was amazing!!! I ran three times as many errands as normal, just fantastic. I also went to the Fedex Kinko's and was able to get one of Tesla's posters laminated. It's a poster of Scientists for her room, which of course includes a picture of Nikola Tesla. We also had lunch at Molbak's. They have a very nice little cafe in their garden, and it's such a nice feeling. Highly recommend it.

So then Grandma left, and now Tesla sits and listens to her book that Grandma Myra recorded for her and looks around the room for her. We had such a great visit, we hope that she can return soon and spend more than a couple of days with us. Pop pop better visit too!!!

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