Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Vacation!

You know it's funny, I have my favorite bloggers and get so annoyed when they take forever to blog again, so I feel bad when I don't blog too. Like I've been lazy, but the truth is our son has been knocking our feet out from under us. He's adorable, but he's waking up twice a night again, and we are tired!!!!! It's such a bummer too, because we were in this nice little routine and it was working out well for everyone. A friend gave me the Baby Whisperer so I'll try that out and see if it helps us. Her kids are all on a good schedule and I trust her for advice about this so I think it will.

Anyway, this has got to be quick, the little man is stirring. Last week I went away on vacation with Tesla  and Ben. We went to Camano Island in Puget Sound. A friend had rented a house and invited us along. It was great! At one point we had 10 kids with us! Running around, having a great time. One of my friends had bought fabric so that we could make something for the girls. We decided on skirts. In all I made 7 skirts! SEW much fun!!! Here are pictures of everyone in their skirts.

Tesla, Laura, Daniella and Dina.

Lilly and Pea. Lilly got to choose the length of her skirt and was so pleased with it!

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