Monday, July 18, 2011

In Retrospect

Sometimes, it's only obvious that something is a bad idea after it's to late. Let me explain. Saturday night we went to a concert at KidsQuest. Tim Noah was performing. Now I LOVED Tim Noah as a kid and now that I'm older and have kids I still love him. His music is fantastic. It has all the right themes.

This was the only pic I could get from his website.
(He's won Emmy's! Impressive!)

His songs from my favorite CD In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble waggle wazzie Woodle Woo include:

If I Only Knew
If I Was
The Monkey Song
Big Booger
Tears On My Toes
Little Miracles
Sunshiney Mornin
Musty Moldy Melvin
Friends With A Song
Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle WOO
I Can Do Anything

When I was in first grade this CD came out and Tim Noah did a tour around our area. Now I thought that he was HUGE, a rock star. Just huge. I believe it was really the first concert I ever went to and it was great. I remember listening to my tape and jumping on my bed and singing, 

"Teacher, teacher, teacher can’t you see
That Big Booger’s pickin’ on me"
From his song Big Booger. I was picked on a lot when I was a kid so it really resonated with me. Now as an adult I listen to the lyrics from Sunshine Morning or If I Was and all I hear is positive reinforcement. The best one though is I Can Do Anything. I love it. I think it's so important for our kids and us to remember, we can do anything. 
We went to the concert and it was a great venu for it. KidsQuest is a children's museum that really appeals to toddlers. It has water tables, toys, sand boxes and a thing that swallows up scarves and blows them out again. I made sure Jason sat down in front and got us a good spot before the show. Tesla had about 15 minutes of playtime before the show and she was loving it. I kept telling her okay, see the guitar, Tim Noah is going to come out and sing to us, and we're going to sit and listen okay? And she'd say, "No, I want to play." Okay fine, but when he comes out we'll sit and listen. Okay??? OKAY?? Why oh why do I try to reason with a 2 year old. Two things I forgot to mention, one was that Tesla did not get a nap. She usually naps for 2-4 hours and that day she hadn't gotten one. She stayed in her room for quiet time, but didn't actually nap. The second thing was, that I was really excited about meeting Tim Noah and didn't know if we'd be able to or not, so I made Tesla a t-shirt to up our chances. I thought about having it say, "my imagination takes me high" which is a great lyric from his song Zoom. But then I thought that sounded a little drugy or anti-drugy, it was just confusing out of context. Instead I chose, "I Can Do Anything". 
This is where the in retrospect part comes into play. Tesla sure did prove that shirt. She was everywhere! EVERYWHERE. Now she's a super super friendly not shy kid as it is, so for her to talk to everyone and give them toys is not unusual, just with the shirt on it was pretty funny. At one point she is in a pit of stuffed animals and she is giving all the adults sitting around it a stuffed animal, and she fixates on this one guy, and keeps giving him stuff and touching his leg, and he's looking like, what does this kid want. She just wants to make friends and play. Several times people looked around for her parents. We were there just standing watching her, it's not like she was screaming on top of being friendly (which some kids were doing). Another time she was in the tree with a woman and her daughter and you could tell by her face that she was having a blast playing with them, and when she saw me she hid behind the mom, playing. It was pretty funny. Other kids were so shy they wouldn't look at Tim Noah or others if you looked at them they were terrified. But not T.  Perhaps her t-shirt, should have said, sometimes I can be timid. Just sometimes. Do you think putting the behavior you want on your kids t-shirt would do it?

So after the concert I wanted to get a picture of Tim Noah and Tesla together. This was the best that I could do.

Good shot, no? Well fine, how about me and Tim?

See that wasn't so bad.

We also bought his DVD, which is so good, and totally works today, even though it's over 20 years old. Jason and Tesla watched it yesterday while I sewed and he was really impressed. It's really a fun DVD and so cleverly done. Tim Noah also does a children's theater up in Snohomish, and I think we're going to have to go to it. It should be fun!

I've posted a bunch of links to Tim Noah's website. Just so you know, although I encourage you to get the CD and DVD for your kids, I have no vested interested in it, other than you also enjoying his music.

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