Friday, October 8, 2010

Oliver + S

I'm having a bit of serger issue at the moment but will hopefully get it resolved by tomorrow. One dress, yes, one, is almost done. I know my goal was two but when you only sew between 6:30 and 8:00 in the morning and in the evening if your pregnant body allows you to, you can only do so much. I did get to use my new zipper foot for the first time, and wow, that thing really works. I had no idea it would make putting in the zipper so easy. The next dress also has a zipper so I'm looking forward to using it on that one too. Practice makes perfect!

Anyway in my search for some more and interesting blogs, I came across a company in NY called Oliver + S. It's a lovely company that makes patterns for children's clothes. The best children's clothes I have seen. If you have been searching for patterns at your local fabric store (not the little boutique) but the large department store you have likely been disappointed by the pattern choices that are available. The selection of types of clothes is just not that great, you have your sundresses, or your fancy dresses, but not a lot of play clothes. I wouldn't characterize all of Oliver + S as play clothes, there are some very nice formal outfits.

Oliver + S also has a very lovely blog. If you read their September 9th, blog entry they discuss each of their new patterns and the difficulty level of each. Recently they discussed S's room. (Now I haven't dwelved so deep into their blog or company that I know the history behind their company but I'm guessing Oliver and S are their kids.) In the entry about her room they show these stash baskets that I have been wanting to make and now have directions because they linked to the purl bee's blog.

I am super excited to have found Oliver + S. Their patterns are a little expensive but I figure I will get one, make a few outfits in varying fabric for Miss Tesla and then eventually get another, rather then get a few right now. I was originally thinking I would get the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A-Line Skirt.

I would make something for the holidays, but I decided that because of the amount of projects that I have on my plate right now, that doing that would be just irresponsible. Instead I'll buy Tesla a very cute bouncy dress, that she can jump in and make noise with and I will make her something more practical later. But what to pick... Below is a couple of my favorites. 

Okay that's it for now, check out the Oliver + S website and if you sew anything from them, let me know, I would love to see what you chose!

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