Sunday, October 10, 2010

1/2 of Goal Complete

Alright, alright, the goal of completing two dresses, in a week, may have been to high. I did however complete one dress! YEAH!!! Yesterday I went to my sister's house and tried the dress on my niece before it was complete. The dress was a perfect length, but the width was still a little to wide. So I ripped out the zipper and adjusted the dress and resewed the zipper. It was the first time I had had to do that, considering it was only the second time that I had put in a zipper with the zipper foot that shouldn't be to much of a surprise. Then I completed the bottom flounce attachment. Earlier in the week I had almost completed the dress, but because my serger had a hiccup I wasn't able to. Which is good ultimately since I had not tried it on my niece yet. 

About the dress: First of all I used the pattern McCall's M4767. Sophie had picked it out and I told her she could choose any of the dresses that had straps. I was not about to make a strapless gown for an 8 year old. She also bought and picked out the fabric. She was really great about it. She had $10 and I knew the fabric was going to cost more than that, because of how much yardage we needed. But I told her that I would cover the difference as long as she found a fabric in the $6.99 range. The first fabric she found almost matched the dress on the McCall's envelope, she was having trouble distinguishing between the pattern of the dress and the pattern of the fabric, but we walked around some more and she finally found this blue Hawaiian print. With her blue eyes and light coloring this was a very good choice, plus it was $6.99. I needed just under 2 yards so I had to pay about $4.00 plus the cost of the zipper. Not to bad. The total cost of the dress was under $20.00 with the pattern. 

While we were shopping for the fabric, I talked to the clerks at Pacific Fabrics, who are so helpful, about the sizing issue of the dress Sophie was wearing. The length okay (to short by my standards) but the width at the top was so big. The clerk said something really helpful to me, she said, oh McCall's patterns are always to short and to wide. What helpful information! So when I got home, before I cut out the fabric I did a search online to see if anyone else had made the dress and what they had felt about it. I found a blog, which now I cannot find, and asked the person what they thought of the length, and she said she used a different width then then length when cutting out the pattern. So that's what I did. I cut out size 7 for width and size 10 for length. 

The dress was still a little wide, easily adjusted but the length was perfect, right at the knees. My niece may wear shorter dresses but I'm not making them that way.  (That is if I know how.)

So I've added pictures, I'll add more once I can get a picture of Sophie in the dress, but you'll have to be satisfied with the dress on a hanger for now. 

Next week's goal. Dress 2!

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