Monday, September 27, 2010


This past summer I have managed to not write a single blog post. I'd feel guilty about it, but the time that I haven't spent writing has been spent napping. What can I tell you, I'm pregnant. 25 weeks pregnant, and this pregnancy is knocking me down for the count, or perhaps it's my gorgeous toddler. 
Toddlers run around a lot. A lot, lot. Much more than I would like to at this stage in my pregnancy or in any part of my pregnancy but it's okay, she still naps, and while she's napping, so am I. Which means that I don't have time to get to my computer. See I have a desktop, so it's not as if I can use my computer, while she's playing or distracted, which is almost never, I need to use it while she's asleep or with Papa. Speaking of which right now she's taking a bath with Papa, so nice and occupied. The fact that my computer is also in my sewing room, also helps to make it not safe for little hands, because no matter how much you clean up everything there is always something dangerous within reach.

What have we been doing you ask? Well my mom's group has gotten pretty busy and Tesla is making good friends. The above picture is of Tesla and her friend Petra at the library during story time. She loves playing with Petra and Petra's mommy. Petra's mommy wears pretty jewelry and Tesla likes to wear it too. 

We've also been playing in the yard. Above is a pic of Tesla in her rain gear. She loves to walk around and play in puddles and this helps to mitigate damages. Recently on a trip to Molbak's she sat in a puddle and had the most fun. She was not wearing this at the time and we really wish she had been. 

Well folks that's all my time for now, Tesla's done in her bath and I need to go play with her!

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